picture6NAIMO knows that in order to keep our programs dynamic, interesting and current with the industry we must seek other Adventure Base programs for implementation. One of the number one comments of feedback from our clients is that they love what we do with our programs but it takes time away from their busy schedules to come and participate in our activities.

coupletreadmillThus, NAIMO staff has come up with the ideal of exporting our programs to their locations for easier accessibility. NAIMO is in the process of purchasing the equipment and trailers to have the ability to offer mobile exportable programs like using Treadmill bikes and Segways as a means for their clients to get out and discover their local area, history and other interesting sites using these adventurous and unique modes of transportation. NAIMO will also include various Adventure Base Ground Games and Initiatives as well as numerous Native American Indian Cultural learning activities. (See photos – working on getting you photos)