NAIMO’s has an array of presentations that are very unique and motivational presentations:

Native American Indian History/Heritage Presentations

  • One of NAIMO’s most requested presentations.
  • Learn Native American History.
  • Distill popular myths about “Native Americans”.
  • Learn Native American Recreational Games and Life Skills.

Book Presentation-“Boomer One of the Unwanted”


Retired military officer Lee Stuart pens tribute to heroic pooch in his recently released book: Boomer One of the Unwanted. (Author House December 2010). In 1996 Stuart was on crutches recovering from surgery for a parachuting accident and was walking a lady to her car when he walked into an armed robbery and was shot at point blank range with a sawed off shotgun. As he laid on the ground bleeding his 115 lb. Black Lab named Boomer sensed that Stuart was in dire danger and as the gunmen prepared to reload the shotgun to shoot Stuart again Boomer attack them and ran them off thus saving Stuart’s life.

In 2002 Boomer was selected as the official mascot of the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation (AAHF) and in 2004 he was chosen as Animal Planet “Top Dog of the Year” in Atlanta, Georgia. Stuart lost his best friend from Vietnam in October of 2006 followed by Boomer passing away the following month in November 2006. It was almost more that Stuart could bear when one of his Stuart’s sisters encouraged him to read the famous yellow lab story “Marley & Me” to help Stuart get through his grieving for Boomer. His sister knew many, many of the life episodes that Boomer and Stuart had been through during their sixteen years together and encourage him to pen his memoirs about Boomer. Thus Stuart sat down and wrote for five months straight penning Boomer’s stories when tragically Stuart’s Mom and Father passed away fifty-nine days apart in May and July of 2007.

Stuart was having a hard time staying in his house because of all of the memories of the loved ones within his inner circle of life. Thus being a retired military officer, he volunteered to return to Iraq for two more years as a military consultant. While there he finished Boomer’s memoirs and upon his return in 2009 Stuart released it for publication. Stuart was interviewed by Juliet Huddy of Fox & Friends on the 31st of December 2010. Link for interview is:

Military/Veteran presentations

NAIMO’s Founder, Lee Stuart started his military career as a draftee in Vietnam in 1967. He rose through the ranks to Lieutenant Colonel after spending 30+ years of service as a Combat Arms Officer and retired in 2002. He is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable individuals to discuss military subjects and history since he experienced it first hand. He is frequently asked to speak with various Community Organizations about military life, High School History classes, Career Days, Church Groups and Guest Speaker for various events: Memorial Day, Veterans Day etc.

  • Vietnam photos and other military photos depicting career.