NAIMO uses Certified School Curriculums for Elementary, Middle School and High School programs. The curriculum already has the lessons plans, learning objectives and assessment forms included to assist the teachers in implementing the program. NAIMO was awarded two (2) United States Department of State Grants in 2004 and 2006 to teach the curriculum to the Kurdistan Ministry of Education (KMOE) and Iraqi Ministry of Education (IMOE). It was so successful that NAIMO received personal accolades from the President of the United States and First Lady for their untiring efforts to better their schools. NAIMO has been asked to go to other overseas schools to help them implement it in their various countries.

NAIMO also helped the IMOE and KMOE to implement After-School and Athletic Sports Club programs using Adventure Programming curriculum. The curriculum is also ideal to use with other Community programs: Character Educational Camps; Juvenile Justice/Youth At Risk Programs; Behavior Management and Court Ordered Legal Guardian programs.

Adventure Base Programming can be designed to meet the needs of ALL/ANY agency or organizational needs. It is NOT just for the At-Risk population. Everybody still has that KID/PLAYFULLNESS in them. We have yet to meet anyone who has ever conducted any type of Adventure Training that did not walk away with a positive attitude about themselves, because success and failure are less important than making an effort! Adventure Base Programming is basically Experiential Training – Feeling it, Doing it yourself, Seat-of-the-Pants type training. It’s Hands – On Training. It is the kind of training that lets you feel the heartbeat/pulse of all participants.