What is Adventure Base Programming/Training?

image277Adventure Base Programming is training techniques that employ a consortium of cooperative games, group problem-solving activities, and challenge ropes course and initiatives. Other activities include biking, canoeing, rappelling, horseback riding, scuba diving/snorkeling, and numerous other indoor/outdoor activities. Adventure Base Programming/Training is basically Experiential Training-feeling it, doing it yourself Seat-of-the-Pants type training. It’s Hands-On Training. It is the kind of training that lets you feel the heartbeat of all participants.

All of NAIMO’s programs are Experiential, Hands-On, Seat-of-the-Pants type training. Before starting a program we like to learn from our clients/participants what their Goals and Objectives are for doing this type of training? Is it to work on Team Building, Group Problem Solving, Leadership skills, Self-Empowerment, Communication tools, Goal Setting, Trust activities etc or is it to just do some Out of the Box Adventure fun/training? We highly recommend doing a FULL Day of Programming instead of a ½ day. Our clients always tell us after a ½ day of Training that they wished they’d scheduled a Full Day because everyone is just starting to get  in the right frame of mind in a ½ day program then it’s time to quit!

How do we do it?

  • We use Ground Games and Initiatives as Ice Breakers, Warm Ups and Energizers to get everyone involved and goal oriented. These programs can be used as ½ day and Full day programs. If requested to do it off site training, we bring the equipment and facilitators to your location.
  • We use Challenge Courses that include Low Elements. We generally use them after we have conducted a few Ground Games and Initiatives to get everyone working together and goal oriented. We use the Low Elements to increase the challenge and by stretching everyone’s comfort zone of being off the ground just a few inches-which produces all kinds of different results! If requested to do off-site training we can bring some of the Low Elements with us.
  • We use High Elements that include Zip Lines, Climbing Walls, Free Falls, Aerial Bridges and other inclusive High Elements. We do NOT proceed to that level of training until proper ground training and assessment has been certified by our facilitators. All High Element training takes place at Historic Banning Mills.

How can Adventure Base Programming be used?

Adventure Base training can be individually designed to meet the needs and goals of different groups and organizations. Here is a partial list of numerous organizations that have successfully incorporated Adventure Base Training into all aspects of their programs:

Schools/Educational Systems, Churches, Camps, Recreational programs, Businesses, Hospitals, Psychiatric Hospitals, Day Care Centers, Human Service Agencies, Counseling Centers, Family Therapy programs, Prevention and Intervention programs, Youth-At-Risk programs, Violence and Abuse Treatment, Court-referred programs, Diversity Awareness Training programs, Therapeutic Camps, Substance Abuse Rehabilitation programs and numerous other programs